mercredi 31 août 2016

Nutella Homemade Chocolate

1 cup ( 240 ml) natural hazelnut butter, very smooth (the only ingredient should be toasted hazelnuts)
1/4 cup (60 ml) unflavored (refined) coconut oil, preferably organic
2 Tbsp plus 2 tsp (40 ml) unsweetened cocoa powder or raw cacao powder
1 tsp (5 ml) pure vanilla extract

30-50 drops vanilla or plain stevia liquid, to your taste (see IMPORTANT NOTE, below)
Place all ingredients in the bowl of a food processor and process until well combined and very smooth (it will be almost liquid and very pourable), scraping down sides a few times as you go.  Pour the mixture into a clean jar and refrigerate at least 3 hours, until firm.  Scoop and spread on whatever strikes your fancy.  This would make a great truffle filling or tart filling as well. Will keep, refrigerated (I’m only guessing here, mine is always gone in a fraction of that time) up to 3 weeks.

NOTE: the combination of chocolate + stevia can seem far too bitter for some palates.  I’ve found that trying to sweeten cocoa or unsweetened chocolate to the degree that it tastes like “regular” chocolate is often the problem; too much stevia along with chocolate creates a weird, bitter, aftertaste.  Because of this fact and since hazelnuts are slightly sweet on their own, I prefer to use a little less stevia and aim for a bittersweet flavor (sort of like 70% chocolate bars).  It’s still sweet enough to really enjoy it, and it doesn’t have that strange aftertaste.  Pure chocolate goodness at its best!

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